Shatterproof lamp coating T8
F E P shatterproof lamp coatings
F E P shatterproof lamp coatings
F E P shatterproof lamp coatings



Q. How do I order?


A. Contact our sales team on +44(0) 1285 762000 or email Our extremely knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist with any queries you may have.


Q. What is the material used for covering lamps?


A. Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene known as FEP. This plastic is similar to PTFE used to coat non-stick pans! FEP is resistant to temperature and UV light, and therefore gives an infinite life under normal lamp use.


Q. Does the coating process damage the lamps?


A. No - the FEP is applied as a heat shrink sleeve at approximately 110° C. This is much lower that the molten plastic applied by extrusion coating. The quality of the fluorescent lamp is degraded if is is subjected to too much heat.


Q. What experience has Adtech had of coating lamps?


A. Adtech has been coating lamps since 1990 using our own manufactured FEP heat shrink sleeves. We have coated millions of lamps in this time.


Q. Does the FEP coating reduce the light output of the lamp?


A. For white light (illumination) lamps the reduction in visible light over the whole spectrum is virtually undetectable. For UVA lamps (as used in fly killers) there is a loss of about 4% and for UVC lamps there is a 15% loss. As the FEP does not age, the FEP coating remains the same for the life of the lamp.


Q. Is the coating recyclable?


A. Yes, the FEP coating, which is easily removed from the lamp, is a valuable recycled material.


Q. Is there a minimum order quantity for coating lamps?


A. No - we will cover from one lamp to thousands per batch, as our production process is very flexible.


Q. We use circular shaped lamps, can you coat these?


A. Adtech coat many thousands of circular lamps – mainly for the electronic fly killer business, we can also cover virtually all lamp configurations.


Q. How easy is it to shrink Adtech FEP material on to our own lamps?


A. Very easy indeed. We can demonstrate the process in your own works. A hot air gun can be used, but we recommend the use of our low cost shrinking equipment.


Q. Can these coatings be used with IP65 fittings?


A. Yes, the FEP coating is suitable for the high temperature range seen with these fittings and will not discolour and become brittle as with other coatings.


Q. How can I prove that the coated lamps are IEC compliant to Auditors?


A.The supplier of IEC 61549 coatings or coated lamps should be able to provide a drop test report to prove the coated lamps have met the requirements of the standard.


Click HERE for our drop test results.


Q. How do I know my lamp is IEC 61549 compliant?


A. IEC61549 compliant lamps have a band at one end of the lamp. If there is no visible band on the lamp it will not be IEC 61549 compliant.


Q. What is the IEC 61549 Regulation?


A. Since the introduction of glass free areas in the early nineties there have been grey areas surrounding shatterproof replica watches coating standards within the lighting and pest control market. The IEC 61549 standard is the highest standard to which shatterproof lamps can be coated and is the recognised industry standard for coated lamps.


Until now the market has operated with Cartier replica watches little legislation surrounding the actual production and quality standards of shatterproof lamps for glass fragment retention. The IEC 61549 standard was introduced to provide a benchmark of quality assurance and the production standards of lamps supplied into the shatterproof lamp market.


Evidence of our drop tests are available to show the performance of our FEP coating and its compliance with the standard. In addition to the drop test, there is a requirement that each coated lamp has an replica rolex identification marker that is clearly visible from ground level, as stipulated by the IEC 61549 regulation as shown below:


4.2 Marking

4.2.1 Lamp Marking


Marking to identify the lamp as fragment retention lamp shall be legibly and durably marked:


a) Lamps suitable for open and enclosed luminaires shall be marked with one visible band/ring 3mm minimum width applied around the lamp within 150mm of one lamp cap, or:


b) Lamps ONLY suitable for open luminaires shall be marked with two visible bands/rings 3mm minimum width applied around the lamp within 150mm of one lamp cap



Q. I have a question that isn't covered here. How do I find out if your services and products are suitable for my needs?


A. We would be pleased to discuss your queries and you can reach us by phone on 01285 762000 (or, if calling from outside the UK use +44 (0) 1285 762000) or by email by writing to us at:





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