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FEP shatterproof lamp coatings



Shatterproof Lamps and FEP Lamp Coatings


Adtech Polymer Engineering Ltd were the first company in Europe to cover lamps in FEP and have been producing shatterproof lamps and shatterproof lamp coatings for over 17 years. Used initially for UV lamps in electronic fly killers, and subsequently for white lights, FEP has proved to be the ultimate coating material for shatterproof lamps for this application, allowing glass and mercury to be safely contained when breakage occurs, yet not being degraded by the heat or UV emitted by the lamps.


Adtech FEP safety coated shatterproof lamps are used where a glass free area is required - food processing and sales, dairies, manufacturing areas, pharmaceutical plants, bakeries, cafeterias, restaurants, abattoirs and poultry processing. We manufacture heat shrinkable FEP used to cover the lamps and are able to cover virtually all lamp configurations, including Circline circular, and U bend styles.


Whichever Adtech product you choose the lamp will be IEC 61549 compliant.


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