Applications for FEP shatterproof lamp coatings: Food preparation factory FEP coated shatterproof lamps for professional kitchens, restaurants and food preparation areas where shatter proof lamps are required.  shatter proof lamps for the Pharmaceutical industry.  Ad Tech Lamps

Shatterproof coating for non linear lamps


Shatterproofing Circular and Compact U-bend lamps


Adtech supply heat shrinkable FEP boots for swiss replica watches shrinking on to compact U bend (Linx) lamps and also offer a low cost service for shatterproofing free issue circline lamps. Lamps we currently shatterproof include 16mm, 25mm, 32mm and 38mm diameter straight, compact 'U' shaped tubes and 'Circline' types.


Very Low Light Transmission Loss


Loss of UVA and UVC light is much less than with other polymer coatings. For our usual coatings, loss of UVA is around 4% and UVC is 11%. We know of no other rolex replica suitable flexible coatings that provide less loss of UV.


Using our ADTEX-S FEP shatterproof coating ensures that your lamps meet the requirements of IEC/BS EN 61549 for ‘fragment retention’, thereby, offering a replica watches solution to providing a glass free environment and eliminating the risk of glass contamination, from accidental breakages.






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