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Coating fluorescent lights with FEP shatter proof coating

Shatterproof your own lamps


Our ADTEX-S FEP heat shrink sleeving was designed specifically for use with insect and germicidal lamps. Due to the unique properties of FEP this coating will not discolour and become brittle due to the absorption of UV radiation, which is a common problem with lesser quality coatings. The UV transmission rate remains high at approx. 97% for UVA and approx. 85% for UVC, thereby ensuring you have maximum performance for the lifetime of the lamp. The coatings are compliant to IEC/BS EN 61549 for ‘fragment retention lamps.’


ADTEX-S FEP heat shrinkable sleeves and boots have been developed specifically to enable distributors, stockists, and large users of lamps to be able to make lamps shatterproof very easily in their own premises in small or large quantities. The bespoke process equipment is minimal, and coating can be applied with virtually no training to unskilled personnel.


This coating can be applied to all configurations of lamps.


  • Direct cost saving - more profit & added value 
    The cost of lamps coated in house are lower than lamps purchased coated. The base lamp can be bought in volume at low prices, and in various sizes & lengths, but normally only two diameters of ADTEX-S are necessary, and simply cut to the length of the lamp. The labour cost of coating lamps with ADTEX-S is very low as it is a quick, simple & safe process.
  • Huge savings on stocking, logistics & space
    Duplicated lamp stocking is avoided. Lamps do not have to travel to & from lamp coating plants. Only lamps for immediate delivery or replica watches use need to be coated. ADTEX-S is light & more compact than lamps & does not take up valuable storage space. Faster delivery from you to your customer. No waiting for lamps to be coated or supplied. Just coat the lamps you need while packing for despatch.
  • No additional transport costs & delays
    If you have been sending lamps out for coating then the delay and cost of the transport is eliminated.
  • Cover ANY manufacturers’ lamps
    You are not restricted to any manufacturer of choice or specification by the lamp coater. Mixtures of lamp types can be coated at the same time.
  • UV and incandescent can be successfully coated
    ADTEX-S has been used for over 20 years for coating UV (insect lamps and sterilisation lamps) and linear incandescent uk replica watches lamps with no degradation.
  • Very simple coating process
    The coating process developed by Adtech Polymer is very simple, low cost & safe. It does not involve hot air ovens, conveyors or hot air guns. However these can be used to apply the coating if preferred. Lamps can be identified with your own labels for repeat orders.
  • Minimal set up cost
    For medium to small volume a rolex replica coating space the size of a medium office desk is required, and one person can coat around 120, 4ft lamps per hour. However, rates of 400 lamps per hour can be achieved.  The cost of the equipment is less than £600.

Video demonstrations


Adtech have produced two short videos to demonstrate how easy it is to shatterproof lamps at your own premises.




How to apply Adtech FEP shatterproof sleeves to lamps





How to apply Adtech FEP boots to linx lamps.





Adtech FEP coating can be recycled

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